Decoration, siding

decoration_pierre_architecturale_arthemiaThrough the age of time, styles and locations,

Arthemia restore the stone

From our capacity to reproduce historical and modern architecture sets, allow you to browse the world from the past to create the future ...

By its manufacturing secret and its flexibility Arthemia can provide you unique pieces with infinite aspects.

Arthemia is a material with a unique composition and mineral density that guarantee aging resistance similar to the stone.

Real support for creation, Arthemia’s stone offers a complete freedom of expression to develop your own ideas.

According to your criteria, it will have the aspect, shapes and colors to fit your indoor or outdoor environment.


A world shaped to your dimension

Partner of your ideas, Arthemia’s experts transform your specific needs into your specific application.

Before each production, all forms and designs are studied.

To offer you a world greater than life, impregnated of your personality, each stone is handcrafted and tailor-made.

To revive the stone, lets create a new world of shape and expression.